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Macedonia joins TRADUKI literature network

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326The Republic of Macedonia has become member of the European network for literature and books TRADUKI at regular annual meeting of network’s member states held in Basel, Switzerland, Culture Ministry said in a press release.

Culture Minister Robert Alagjozovski signed the formal membership documents and our delegation already participates as full-fledged member in the working bodies of TRADUKI.


Writers, Be a Guest of Split for a Month

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227 croatia splitThe cultural association Kurs (translated from Croatian Course) is continuing its program Writers in Residence. This program, which is named after father of Croatian literature Marko Marulić, includes a month long stay of international writers and translators.


Nationalism on the rise in southeastern Europe

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170 dwPopulism and nationalism offer dangerously simple answers to complicated issues and win voters' support in economically trying times. Recent polls in Greece as well as across southeast Europe are examples of the trend.


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